Saturday, December 31, 2011

TOto's Report : Btow wOOw Wone Twoot ~

TOto, don't know what the big deal twoday! But mammeee says TOto cannot move and take this silly bowtograph when they are keeping the X'mas tree. I bow wow wow likey the tree! TOto find a BIG chew chew under the tree a few days ago and it was yummmmy!

TOto don't like new year, TOto peacefully snoozing in the patio when TOto heard lots of LOUD BANG BANG. TOto tot what happen! Mammeee says not scared, and tell me it is just fireworks! TOto hate fireworks! Don't know why mammeee loves them so much, TOto always scared silly by them, ALWAY!

Grrrrrrrrrr ...


  1. Hi TOto!
    You look ADORABLE decorated like a mini-Christmas tree:) Too bad you were a little spooked by the fireworks. Wern't they pretty though?

    kim and kip

  2. Me and Kip would like to present you with the Lobster Award:)
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