Thursday, December 29, 2011

Orijen + Wellness kibbles!

TOto is on Orijen Fish and Wellness Simple Duck, for some reason TOto's love DUCKY taste!
We usally get 2 small packets for the 2 brand, because we prefer them to be as fresh as possible and bigger packets meant it will take longer for TOto to finish the kibbles; and the kibbles might get stale.

So far this 2 mixture + Nancy Cottage Cheese gave TOto's darkdarkhardhard poop!
Hubbie will use a scoop to mix it up; scoop by scoop from the 2 different brand into TOto's dedicated Kibble's container. And our trusted container is of course from Lock&Lock; Lock & Lock Rectangular Container with Handle and Tray. The only brand of container that is VALUE/QUALITY for MONEY! Containers made specifically for dogs are RIDICULOUS priced and of LOW quality products! We spent alot of time and research on TOto's container and even spent some $$$ on one but we end up using Lock&Lock brand!
A 41.6 Cup Container last TOto for about 2 months!
A little extra effort to make sure TOto's has fresh supplies of kibbles ...
Ultimately, I would love to change to a Lock & Lock Storage 50-Cup Storage Bin, Includes Cup. Hmmmmmm maybe after I move ba!
Meanwhile it will be my trusty Rectangular Container with Handle!

TOto, "mummmum" lorrrrrrrrr...

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