Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dog Park EVERYDAY, what's in the BAG!?

The weather is very SPRING this few days and TOto goes to the dogpark EVERYDAY!
I realised only TOto has this SPECIAL bag that is hang on the gate which is used for ONLY TOto's stuffs! In the past we used to have this "Minnie mouse" bag but I have upgraded to this bag that I purchased from Taiwan. 

TOto will parked himself right under his bag when he wants a drink OR when he just want to play 'fetch'! TOto knows his water, and ballball is in the bag!
Can you see the 'Animals' on the bag?
I love the cutesy Animal design; LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

Let's see what is inside TOto's personal bag!
We always bring our own filtered water using Lock & Lock Mountain Water Bottle. It's BPA free and very durable, using Eastman Chemical Co.'s new material Tritan copolyester. We try to be as health conscious for TOto as much as possible; to the extend of the material of his water bottle, hahaha!
The next most important things to bring, and of course his 'toys'; the Ball launcher is a saver for our wrist, hand and back!  He can play a few hours of fetch and still come home begging to play MORE!

An extra item in the bag; the rubber frisbee. Frisbee-ing is what my Hub hopes TOto can do, but I gave up the idea of TOto being a 'Frisbee' Dog. TOto is just not meant to play frisbee. Whereas alot of people watch in awe when TOto plays 'fetch' and that is when I realised there are alot of dogs that do not know how to play fetch!! They just chase after the ball but NEVER bring it back!!
TOto new foldable bowl! 
You'll be surprised how many people do not bring water for their dogs! And that's the reason we bring such a big bottle of water. During the hotter days, we bring even a bigger bottle for TOto AND, all other dogs in the park! We are not that '伟大' (great), we just don't want TOto to end up having nothing to drink. Because when it comes to sharing, TOto is s.t.u.p.i.d; no matter how thirsty he is, he will always allow the other dogs to drink first! *faint* And sometimes there will be a very thirsty dog that just park himself next to our drinking bowl and finish everything, *Faint*!
And lastly a Lock&Lock container for TOto's snack after his day in the park!
We usually feed him some snacks on the car and TOto will usually gobble all the biscuits and goes to sleep!
The other miscellaneous items would be 'wet tissue' and poop bag. There are alot of times when TOto just got poop on him or gotten peed at! *Faint*, TOto is so 'S.L.O.W' sometimes! We are that typical 'kiasu/kiasee' (Scare to lose/Scare to die) Singaporean couple in an America Dog Park.

Hahahhaha ...


  1. Yes yes yes!!! Jayber is the only one with a dog bag at the park as well! Water bottle, lots of poop bags, treats, toilet paper and wet tissues. Haa...haa... another westie owners! Jayber is fussy, only drinks fresh water, does not drink the water from the dog bowl provided by the cafes. Hee...hee...

  2. Oppsie, haha i am not the only 'kiasu' cleanfreak pawrents around huh! Hahaha ~ TOto is ok drinking water from other bowl but sometimes people don't bring water AT ALL! Although there is those watercooler stand outside but sometimes during winter, they shut it down. So safer bet to bring our own!