Friday, December 30, 2011

Fish 4 DOGS - Sea Jerky!

Fish 4 Dogs Sea Jerky seems like such a healthy option especially the OMEGA 3 which is so beneficial for TOto's dry skin!

Features & Benefits
(Extract from

Premium, quality, natural treats
No additives, preservatives, or colorings
Contains Omega 3 to promote healthy joints, coat & heart
Gluten free
Delicious - Dogs love the taste
Easy to digest
Single source protein reduces food intolerances
Natural dental treat
But let's look at what is the CON of this product!
The first time, TOto is still very careful with the Fish Jerky. He tried to lick till the Jerky is soft and chewy before he chew into them and we can hear him drinking alot of water so that he can use the saliva to soften the chew. INNOVATIVE thinking huh!!!

But after a few time, he eat the chew like he is eating KEROPOK! 
He just chew through the jerky!
So noisy hahahaha!
All the bits and pieces will fall on the ground and he will LICK up every single bits till the floor is CLEAN!
But the bits are all stuck in his beard!!!
It is so funny to see him trying to lick himself clean but those bits are so slimy and sticky, they are like superglued to his beard!!
TOto, you dirty DOG!
We have to use a flea comb to come out his fur!!
CON, alot of clean up after his Fish Jerky 'keropok'!
In the end we still have to use a brush to wash our Flea Comb ...

But it seems like a very natural healthy treat for TOto. 
I tasted them, it is not salty like I imagine them to be!! Hahaha, the first time TOto drank so much water, my first thought was 'Gosh' was it that salty and I tasted that slimy jerky for the sake of TOto (The power of mammeee's love!). We have yet to see them in store in USA, we will try to look harder ...

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