Monday, December 5, 2011

Teeth Brushing, 刷牙咯!

Brushing teeth usually means mammeee hand/finger wrestling match with TOto's tongue and jaw!! TOto loves the toothpaste's taste but he will try to wrestle the toothbrush out of his mouth once he get the paste!! Mammeee's job is to try brush as much of his teeth and not let TOto's has too much of the toothpaste, hahaha!! Daddeee give up brushing TOto because Daddeee sees that Mammeee is more violent and just BRUSH her way through despite the violent protest, and the blood (not mine, but TOto's gum).

But ODDLY despite all the protest while brushing, TOto will still come over when we say,"刷牙咯!". And lie there on my lap without trying to wriggle away. But he will still use his two front paws to push my hand away. But Daddeee will usually 'CUFF' his paws hahahaha ...

TOto's sumptuous dinner; Orijen Fish + Wellness Simple Duck + Cottage Cheese + Boiled Minced Pork. 
 TOto, 刷牙咯!

Brush, brush then can kiss kiss OK!

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