Saturday, December 24, 2011

A SLEEPY dog on X'Mas EvE!

We will be moving VERY SOON and TOto will have lesser chance to visit his current DAYCAMP! I hate that to happen because the staffs REALLY REALLY LOVE TOto. They give TOto hugs and kisses!! They really DO NOT have to do that but they DID! TOto always have special CONCESSION. SOmetimes when we called they will say the daycamp is full but when we mention it is TOto; they wll 'shift around' and TOto will be 'SQUEEZED' IN! We are very grateful to the staffs! When we usually bring TOto to daycamp, TOto will run into their office, and GIVE all the staffs in the office some hugs and kisses before he goes into camp; YAH all the staffs in the office!

So recently we try to send TOto in as much as possible and we end up with a SILLY, SLEEPY DOG ...
LOOK how his head is hang out of his crate, hahaha!


MeRrY X'mAs EverYone!
HaPpY HoLidAyS!

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