Thursday, January 5, 2012

We are MOVING!

YEAH, we are moving like SOON finally!
The moving, packing and the shuffling is making TOto very insecure. TOto seems very 'messedup', he is not sure what is happening and we can sense his lost. And when both of us are busy packing, he will come look for me and wants me to carry him. So most of the time, I am carrying or looking after TOto; and Hub is the one doing all the packing. The few days we are packing, he suddenly becomes a 'lap dog', who just wants my attention and be near me! 
Although we are busy preparing for the move but we still bring him to the dog park everyday.
And we came back today, both of us started packing again because we'll be moving in another 2 days. And I find TOto in one corner, finding solace with Turtle!!!

TUrtle is always the best friend and ALWAY there for him!
TUrtle will not be packed in any BOXES; TUrtle will be in Mammeee HAND CARRY BAG!! 
Anything can get lost but NOT TURTLE!

Hope TOto will love the new place!


  1. That's a cute turtle toy! Kip's favorite is a fox. It seems like there are just some toys that people or dogs don't grow out of:)

  2. Yeah and TUrtle is the CHEAPEST toy TOto has from Target US2.50! We keep hopeing they will restock TUrtle but we having been waiting for almost 2 years soon, haha ~

  3. Oh no! I hope turtle hasn't been discontinued:( It's always so disappointing when things go out of stock..

  4. @Kim, TUrtle is bought in Target at the $2 bucks corner. We are still hoping Target brings them back :(

  5. Aww, TOto does look a little confused as to why all your belongings are being packed into boxes. Yeah, I think it's best that you keep TUrtle safe and sound in your handbag (lol). TOto's relationship with TUrtle is priceless!