Saturday, January 14, 2012

Great weather in WINTER!

Thanks for all the concern and advice, I think TOto is slowly settling. I guess moving is like a breakup, TOto just needs some time to adjust and recuperate from the separation! Or maybe he senses the tension we felt during our move, and TOto is projecting OUR emotions!

Hahaha ~
What a softy!

It was a rare good day, and we brought TOto for a long walk right behind our apartment. It was a short trail to a small park! TOto was very happy because Daddeee tag along ...

Yes the SUN is shining brightly and TOto is squinting!
TOto is more relaxed in the house today, at least he is sleeping around the house.
Maybe because we are more relaxed today; we sort of stop all the unpacking and decide to just live as normal!
TOto just finished his chewing session!
We really need to teach him how to KEEP HIS TOYS.
So far TOto is satisfied with where we kept his 2 crates, and he is seen using the crate quite often.
But he is most relaxed on our old bed!
Luckily we decide to keep the bed ...
I can feel that TOto is starting to relax abit more.

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