Thursday, January 12, 2012

Still adapting to the move ...

TOto is still grasping the concept of the move. He still feels like we are going on a vacation and we'll be going back 'home' soon! He seems so lost in the new home, and doesn't spend much time in the HUGE balcony that we thought he would LOVE! He would just walked out of the balcony and then comes right back in. Sometimes he will sit right at the balcony door and I thought he wants to go out but when I open the door, he refused to go out; so weird.

And the 'difference' is so obvious when we brought TOto back to the 'old' apartment. Once he is out of the car, you can see his tail wagging left,right,left,right! And when we goes back to the apartment, he immediately relaxed himself right on the balcony, if not he will starts his 'runny frenzy' in the apartment and start rolling himself on the back like he always do.

I hope he get used to the idea real soon and make himself comfortable in the BIG NEW HOME!

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