Sunday, January 15, 2012

Guard duty in COMFORT!

TOto loves how the bed and window ledge just JOINS together!
He can watch out the window and sleep at the same time ...
It is so funny how his rested his chin on the ledge, the convenience of just opening his eyes when the need arises! The windows here are so much clearer, he can see and guard the house right at this corner!
Hahaha on ALERT at all times!
TOto is slowly getting use to the house. Tonight he tries to nap alone outside at the living room area when we are both inside the bedroom! At first it was right outside, then he slept further and further away, hahaha. 

A good sign? 


  1. Wooo! Toto has his own guard station:) Looks like he's gotten a lot more comfortable after the move.

  2. Ya we can see that he is slowly adapting! I thought terriers are highly adaptable dogs!! GOsh ~

  3. LOL how funny :) Really think TOto has strong attachments! Panpo don't have favourite toys. All their toys have to be rotated or they'll get bored of it very easily... Maybe they really do take after their owners? ;)

    1. @Eve, No leh, I am the type always throw old away and want new stuffs one haha! Maybe he take after my Hub haha! TOto has ALOT of toys but end up playing that few old ones nia! Maybe one day I do a post on that. EVEN CHEW also same, he has alot but also chew the few he like nia. We throw away so much stuffs a year, hahaha!