Friday, November 18, 2011

Yeah ELK antler!

I bought a ELk Antler intending to allow TOto to bring it over to MrK house but by the time it is nearer, the Antler is almost finish and dangerously sharp and has to be supervised for the chew! MrK is already very busy with his work, so it is unfair that MrK has to spend time supervising TOto chewing!!

Maple loves them too, and chewed like there is no tomorrow~
Yeah I love them mostly because they don't stained or smelt like some 'chew' does!
All natural and naturally expensive too, I think I gotten them for about USD9+ for a few days of fun!
And this is to show you, how HAPPY TOto is with his Antler, dancing with his TAIL!


  1. LOL! TOto is seriously funny. He ought to have his own comedy show. What a hilarious video. I have to share it with my hubby... I know he'll get a good laugh, too!

    Thank you for the mention and the link to our post. I'm going to add a link to TOto's video on our FB page because it's such a great pick-me-up and will definitely put a smile on anyone's face!

  2. @Maple Momsie
    Yeah he is so funny to watch sometime, and was glad I was 'videocam' ready hahaha!

    No prob, only when I see your post I remember I have a Antler post somewhere!! It was such a rush when I have to fly back, I didn't have the time to do up the video and photographs!!

  3. I love his little dancing-on-back ritual!! When Polar does that he just looks itchy hahaha. TOto is soooo cute! I think TOto looks so petite gosh to die forrr

    Polar was just groomed (and shaven) for the summer. Sigh miss my fluffy dog! I bought smallest size deer antlers for them a while back but threw them away after I saw that Panda chipped his tooth. Too hard for my liking. Disappointed :(

  4. He has this backrubbing antic since day 1 when we bring him back. Hahaha, Initially we thought he has a itchy back. NOw I know this is a Westie thingy huh, we seldom see other dogs do that in the dogpark and when TOto does that it alwys bring smile from other strangers haha!

    Gosh the antler chipped Panda tooth!! TOto teeth is very hard, he has already 'finish' off ALOT of hard chew even the strongest of them all'Nylabone Galileo'!!

    Oh I just gave TOto this fish skin chew maybe more suitable for Panda. Erm from Australia leh. 100% fish skin! TOto loves it, he damn clever. Just chew for awhile nia he knows that water can soften the chew and he kept drinking water hahaha. I thought he was thirsty and I scared the fish too salty. Me and hubs got to TRY the 'nua nua' fish skin as well! YUCKS!