Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our boy, our love ...

Recently we brought TOto into Home Depot. I was carrying TOto, 17lbs(8kg) dog because we did't know whether dogs are allow and TOto refused to sit in the trolley cart and TOto ONLY wants mammeee to carry him.

A lady walked pass and approached TOto. TOto warmed up to her easily and didn't bark or bite and starts giving her kisses. The lady was mentioning TOto has a very nice personality and was very calm.

I guess Dogs like Children, if you are patience with them, seldom shout or scold them and shower them with love. Their temperament will also be sweet, nice and calm!

Back to the lady, her dog pass away last summer and her eyes just TEARED when she see how nice TOto was! Gosh, I was stumped for words ~

That is how much loves one have for a dog here! I really cannot imagine the day TOto have to go before me, I'll be devastated! I cannot even chat with Hubs about TOto's death without tearing up, but the fact remains he will leave before us.

Now I truly understand, a dog is not just a dog or a friend, they are family.

TOto sleeping facing the door waiting for daddeee to come home from his soccer session!


  1. It's so true, our furry friends live such short lives compared to our own. All the more for us to spend lots and lots of quality time with them...even if it means bringing them along with us to Home Depot to run our errands! LOL :D

  2. @Maple mommy, we are actually running his errand getting a new sythetic grass for him to lay out in the patio to welcome spring!

  3. I am so with you about tearing up when the thought of them passing comes up. It will be absolutely devastating, so I try very hard not to think about it!

    It's so great that sweet TOto was able to move the woman you met so much. He is a special little guy!

  4. @accordingtogus, every k9 buddies is special! I hope the world realised that!