Saturday, May 21, 2011

TOto, just being a brat!

Friday, we woke up to TOto's whining in the livingmroom.

Recently for about a month of two, we have been lenient with TOto, trusting him to roam the house at night while we are sleeping. I almost wanted to do a 'Report' on how TOto is a 'Big boy' and can be trusted to roam the house but but but ....
TOto was whining and I had to wake Hubs up to check it out, and Hubs see TOto sitting at the patio door still chewing and playing with the bits that he had chewed off!! We guessed, he woke up early and was distracted by voices outside the patio, and his scratches for the patio door to be open went unheard by us. We supposed he would try to peek through the blind but the blind might have irritated him, and he started chewing on it and gotten the 'chewing' high!

TOto you are so busted!
We can see that he had fun chewing the blind and all the chewed parts are strewn all over the house. Initially, Hubs thought TOto was chewing wall again!

That is so NOT COOL, TOto.
Luckily we assessed the damage and it would cost us only about USD20-30!

TOto, NO DAYCAMP for 2 Weeks!


  1. Oh, that's not too bad at all! Just some minor chewing of the blinds (LOL). We tried letting Maple sleep outside of her crate one night and the next morning we found trails of her poop everywhere! We were not impressed. Maple has been pretty good now at timing her business in the mornings, but for some reason she was not following it that day. It'll be a while before we can attempt another night-out-of-the-crate with Maple!

  2. That is UNACCEPTABLE behaviour hahaha!

    In the human world,'Boys will be boys'!
    In the K9 world, 'Dogs will be dogs!'

    Always up to mischief when our eyes are not on them!

  3. Love that 'BUSTED' pic!!!

    Polar chewed the edge of the door of the boiler room once and I still don't know how much rental bond it's going to cost us :/ Not to mention he just loves eating the legs of my rocking chair!

  4. @hellopandapolar,
    We have lost the walls, basket, Laptop keyboard, cables, Computer mouse haha ~

    And when he is BUSTED, he always have this,'NOPE, it is not me look!' hahaa ~