Friday, May 13, 2011

Enjoying life at the Patio, as usual

Blogger was 'Down' and to resume ASAP post made after/on 11 May 2011 was deleted and I have to REDO this posts! Lucky not much is lost here! Arrrghhhhh ...
When I walked in on TOto in the patio and see this; I really don't know to 'LOL' or Roll my eyeball! But I am definitely running back to the living room to grab my camera for a  photography session to capture some precious memory!
I really don't know whether to 'LOL' or 'Roll my eyeballs'; maybe I DID both!

Some of the darndest thing he do!


  1. TOto is the luckiest dogster in the world to have his own little lounge bed in the balcony! What a great place to watch the sunset everyday, as well as to catch a nap ;)

  2. @Maple Mommy, he sure has the best view in the house!!

  3. You may have mentioned this in the past - but where did you find TOto's cot? I think Gus would LOVE something like that to snooze on!

  4. @Lori,
    You got mail, hopefully you get the email :)