Sunday, May 15, 2011

TOto @ In&Out Burger

TOto was so knocked out by yesterday dog park, he slept the whole day away! But we still brought him out for a walk at a park near us. Castlehill park was beautiful but we went too late. So Mammeee couldn't get a good clear shot of the beautiful park but Mammeee did get a cool shot of the sunset.
We will definitely come again!
And after the walk, Daddeee decide to try his luck at In&Out burger! The queue was LONG but tonight weather was good and the queue wasn't as long as the previous few days that we saw. So Daddeee decide to try his luck! And from the start of the queue till the end, it took about 45minutes!

TOto was a good boy and waited patiently outside with Mammeee!
TOto heard Mammeee complaining that the burger was so-so.
Maybe they should just had the burger at the restaurant and not bring it home!


  1. We had heard the line was ridiculously long - our news station covered the looong lines.

    Sorry to hear it was only so-so. We've never been there, but will try it once we get to the west coast!

  2. @Lori, I am not much of a burger person and the burger didn't exactly 'Wow' me! Hahaha the person queuing right behind us told us that just the day before he queued for 4hours!