Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's late, GO SLEEP!

After resting for 2 solid days, TOto's soul is back!
And now he cannot sleep at night!
Look at all the toys he brought in the bedroom!
I just SCOLDed him and he still walked out to bring in LEO!


  1. I wish Maple were as organized as TOto. He seems to know how to arrange all his toys in one place. Maple, on the other hand, has her toys strewn all over the apartment. My hubby and I often have to pick up after her! Argh...

  2. @ Maple's mommy, Haha no way his toys are all over the place but just for tonight he cannot get to sleep and I was seated at that corner, that why he kept going in and out to get toys in and throw at that corner! Just hoping one of the toy can interest me to play with him!