Saturday, May 14, 2011

@ Lewisville Dog Park - 05142011

Daddeee's car was sick and it took Daddeee the whole morning to fix it so we were stuck at home till late afternoon. BUT TOto was still brought in, to the Dog park for some weekend run and boy did he do EVERYTHING tonight!
He ran, fetch, catch and wrestle!

And, that is TOto's personal bag, all his; biscuits, toy, water, bowls are all in that bag hang high up on the fence! Haha such a cutesy bag for a 'Manly' dog!

This beautiful COrgi is TOto's favourite companion of the night!
COrgi is about the same height and built as TOto and they had fun playing wrestling!! In order to drink from TOto's bowl, he has to play with TOto!

In just ONE HOUR, it felt like TOto has ran for a full 3 hours!
Today is a good day in the dog park!
Today is one of the day, TOto has a continuous flow of play companion coming in that wants to play with TOto for the full one hour! A lucky day for TOto! 

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