Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beautiful Sat - Pt 1. K9 Kerplunk @ Oak Point Recreation Center

This is an annual affair in Plano, Oak Point Recreation Center but this year the events starts early, in May! Usually the event opens in summer when the Pool shuts it door for Spring! Well, it doesn't matter because our life just revolved around TOto!

Finally finish converting, editing and UPLOADING!

And continue for the pictures of the day!
"Beware" Pictures heavy post!
Read on.

This is my notebook of the month, haha so cute right!
We were supposed to go early because the morning sun won't be as HOT as the mid-afternoon sun but Singapore is announcing its 2011 General Election result so we were watching the result online and delayed moving out till 11pm!
Today we try to move TOto to the back of the car so that mammeee can sit more comfortably!
Hahaha look at TOto's reaction so cute like, just like a kiddo faking to cry "NO"!
And mammeee so happy with the extra space!
About a 20minute drive and we are there.
The event were USD3.00 per dog!
TOto were very careful but yap he remembers how to swim!
Following right behind daddeee ...

Another beautiful Giant Dane!

Look the dog is in dogkini!
Most of the 'swimming' dogs we see are HUGE dog which they hardly need to swim because they can just thread in water! But the dogs are happily running about in the pool playing 'Fetch' ...
TOto only goes swimming if Daddeee tags along!
Hahaha TOto has no courage to do it by himself and there are no smaller dog about his size to play with him.

Hey we spotted Obama's dog, a Portuguese water dog!
Alot of Huskies around today!
The Huskies are good swimmers ...
We see a few German Sheperd and one of them invite TOto to play and another German Shepherd came to TOto rescue thinking that the 1st German Shepherd is bullying him. They have such 'protective' nature!

TOto was so tired after an hour of swimming, diving and running about!

So we just sat around relax, enjoying in the shade and waiting for TOto to dry out!
Another Husky saunters by!

Our trolley carrying TOto 'barang barang' especially his Heavy water bottle!
Thief caught in action digging his head into the bags for Biscuits!

When we are leaving, I see this fat bulldog, SO CUTE!
We stayed for about 2 hours and left.
We have another event to go to, we be here again NEXT YEAR!
Because we know TOto loves to swim!


  1. OMG This is SO COOL!!!
    I would LOVE to take Kip to a place like this! Nice video and pictures. I wonder if they have something like this in Seattle.....I kinda doubt it due to the rainy weather though. /Sadface

    1. Usually it happen end of the summer and right before winter when all the swimming places will be wash up and close during winter months. But they will open one last time for the DOGS for charity! AND last year more and more swimming places open up for dogs, it was crazy! We hope this year we can go to more events!!