Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TOto is BRAIN-training mammeeeeee ~

Update: Daddeee goes to walk, mammeee lying on the couch. After Daddeee walked out TOto was sitting on the floor next to my couch, turns to look at me. I asked him, "TOto what you want?"

Ok, I sat up and TOto jump up the couch and slept on the couch! His cue," Mammeee, I want to sleep on the couch with you leh!".
TOto is slowly learning how to let us know what he wants from us!

Sitting in the kitchen; means Hungry, water or biscuits!
Especially after he finishes his daily wipes and he is still walking around the kitchen sitting by your side, it means," Mammeee you forget my biscuits."

The simplest act of him, of course is when he bring his favourite toy to you! It means 'PLAY'!

Scratching my feet and then starting to stretch his long body means,"Mammeee SCRATCH!". If you refused to bend down for him, he will continue to scratch your shin till you bend down! *NAUGTHY"

Recently I have been waking very early; like 6am early, and I have been reading my novel on my patio with TOto on my lap. TOto is so used to this 'Bonding' time, if I didn't go out in the morning, he will come scratches me and then walks over to the patio door. And if I didn't follow out with him; he will want come in very soon after he walks out and scratches me again and  then walks over to the Patio door again. His cue for,"Mammeee comes sit with me and enjoys the Patio's view!"

Today during our Patio's time, TOto volunteer to goes back into the living room before me and I want to sit out somemore but he doesn't allow me to because TOto wants to come out of the Patio again right after he just walked in, as I wasn't following in. And shortly he comes out of the Patio, he wants to go into the living room AGAIN. His cue," Mammeee go in with me."!

After we walked right into the living, and I continue to sit on my Sofa; TOto begins to sit right at my feet 'staring at me' with his big round eye. I didn't know what he wanted and it was too early for breakfast! I asked what he wants, and TOto walks right to the front door; sat down, looked at me, turns and looks at the door and continues to look at ME and then turns to look at the door again. His cue,"Mammeee, I want to go down walk before it gets very HOT!"

I think TOto is starting to 'Brain-training' ME!

GOsh he is getting GOOD!

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