Friday, July 22, 2011

3rd day home ...

TOto really really miss me ALOT!
As usual, I waited for TOto downstairs. And again, TOto spotted me on the 3rd level. He wasn't sure it was me, I waved and TOto still double confirm with Daddeee before running ALL the way down straight into my arm! Oh, he is taught not to just RUN down the staircase, he has to 'ask' for permission to go down!

The plan was for Daddeee to go up to the apartment to bring TOto down and TOto detected my scent and he did something weird. TOto went into the bedroom walk-in wardrobe and started sniffing!! This is what he usually does when he try to find us if we play hide-n-seek with him!! So TOto suspect that I might be hiding inside the room!

Anyway TOto is very insecure for the 1st two nights!
I was so tired, I just knocked out the first night and throughout the night Toto was so worried, he keep coming into the bedroom to check on me! He would KISS me until I open my eyes gave him some reaction, set his heart at ease before he would leave the room! Hahaha he wants make sure I still ALIVE? And the first night he would STICK himself to me, to make sure I don't leave!? Hubs says he even refused to go down for his last walk on the first night I am back!

The next morning, TOto woke up with me at 4am and sleep only when I sleep! We can see he is still very insecure about me and even about Hubs! The morning, when Hubs goes off to work; I brought TOto down together. And he refused to let Hubs goes to work, he wants to board the car with him. This is unusual because usually, I would tell him," Daddeee go work, we go walk walk ok?" and he will walk off with me.

And in the evening, when we want to bring him down for his walk. TOto is so worried, I get missing again, he rather wait for me right beside me!! Usually he will wait with Daddeee at the door!

Even after I am back, he is still fighting me with my Pink Blankie!

Today he is more willing to let Daddeee goes work, not as much resistance as yesterday. He is so tired, he slept the afternoon away! I guess he is too tired the last 2 day being a worry wart!
Finally he relaxed abit and get to really REST!

He walked into his crate by himself today.
He was so insecure yesterday, he wasn't willing to be lock!

Sleeping here and there, everywhere.
I guess our life is back to usual!
I shudder to think in October both me and Hubs will be leaving for USA together!
How would TOto react then?

@4.22pm, he is still SLEEPING!


  1. Awww!!! Absolutely love that clip!!! Pure unadulterated happiness and excitement :D He is so happy to see you back! Dogs really have feelings and they are super insecure lol :P

    October you are going to SG again right?

  2. Ya October hopefully can get a holiday after I reach Singapore.