Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I really DO MISS him!

Last year when I left TOto and came back to Singapore it was really not as bad!

This year, I miss miss miss him soooooooooo much!
Miss his kisses, miss his morning whine for scratchie scratchie, miss him scratching me for attention, miss his stretching (when he stretch, it means I scratch!), miss his big big eyes want he want to play boing boing, miss his sleepy head touching my big fat thigh when I surf net in the afternoon, miss looking at him sleep, miss the attention he shower on me, miss his furrrry belly, miss brushing his teeth!

I even miss his whinnnneeeee whines!
This year I really DO MISS him, real bad!

I wonder he feels the same ...
Hubs say he has gain more weight, and looks bigger and sturdier.
Hubs also commented when I am not around, TOto is so much easier to look after! Hahaha, there is no mammeee around to 'protect' him! TOto knows mammeeee gives him ALOT Of slack! With Daddeee it is more military style; one command one action! With mammeee, there is a CHOICE!

My blankie is really going to be SMELLY!
I have already lost one blanket, one pillow to TOto and now he wants to TAKE OVER my NEW pink blankie; so angry! Hmmmmmfffpppphhhh ...


  1. I can totally relate with you... except for the part about missing the teeth-brushing... that is one chore I do not miss (LOL)!

    One more week, eh? Hang in there. You'll be reunited with TOto soon. Meanwhile, stuff yourself silly with all the scrumptious local cuisine and tropical fruits! That's what I'm doing now in Vancouver - going on a food rampage before I leave for Singapore :)

  2. Aww just one more week till you can see your baby again! Haha you miss TOto more than your hubs? :P TOto wants to be covered in your smell!

    What is boing boing?

  3. @Maple mommy
    YUP one more week! I already have nothing to do. Oh I come back for my annual checkup and everything is done. I be back again with Hubs in October!! More eating then ...! Scary haha.

    No feeling for my hub hahaha! Hub's place in my heart already overtaken by TOto no more place for Hubs! Hahaha ~