Thursday, August 4, 2011

Recent habit of TOto

TOto will wake up every morning at about 6am and whine for me to let him out to the patio.
At 7am, he will wants to come into the bedroom and wait till 8am to WHINE me up again!

I wake to prepare daddeee's lunchbox while TOto being confine with daddeee in the bedroom ...

When daddeee wake, he will bring TOto down for his morning walk.

For the rest of the afternoon, he will be sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping ...
Sleep somemore ...
Sometime he will sleep beside me on the sofa and just show his peepee at my face!
During dinner, he will standby beside the table wait for us.
Once we leave the dining table, he will be on standby with 'boing boing' next to him!!
Haha Daddeee will be multi-tasking; playing with TOto while watching TV.
TOto will have a long walked at 8pm, now the sun sets at 8.15pm.
And TOto has a last fast run downstairs for a last pee at 10.30pm and he will automatically end up on our bed!
This is a good day!

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