Friday, August 5, 2011

TOto's Report : On the Patio with Mammeee ...

Recently Mammeee has been addicted to this bimbo books of Izabella's life as Hugh Hefner's girlfriend! So Mammeee has been spending some Patio time alone with TOto! TOto loves and looks forward to this bonding time with mammeee, but she is finishing the book soon! I hope mammeee goes get another book to spend some alone time with TOto for the rest of our life together!!!
mammeee trying tomake herself comfortable by stretching her big fat thigh on my bed ...
TOto usually waits for mammeee to get comfortable before 'requesting' to lap with mammeee ...
(mammeee interrupt TOto's report; TOto's 'request' meant using his nails scratching and digging on mammeee thigh!)

"Mammeee STOP interrupting TOto's report!!"

Ok continue, right after TOto made the request, mammeee will carry TOto up on mammeee comfy thigh but recently mammeee used a pillow pad on her thigh so that TOto is more comfy!
I will squeeze on mammeee big fat thigh while doing my security duty looking out for rabbits and ninjas!
Haaaaaa, TOto loves my Security Job when mammeee is here with me.

Wait *growl* TOto spotted a new dog on the block.
*Bark Bark Bark* *Bark Bark Bark*
TOto need to show the new guy who is the ALPHA of the block!!!

mammeee and TOto forever ...
*Bark Bark Bark*
 ♥ ♥ ♥ 

(Mammeee pssst : The 'new dog' is a 100lb Husky!)


  1. Your patio looks like such a cool place to chill out with a good read by your side and a happy pupster on your lap! I wish we had a more spacious balcony that isn't always occupied by clothes that need to be dried out in the sun (lol). *sigh* Yes, our clothes get to enjoy the patio more than we do!

  2. Haha, ya i can understand with the humid weather in SG you would have to dry the clothes in the sun. Here in texas the weather is so dry, we can just let it dry indoor in the laundry room.

  3. Quality time with TOto! I love that little patio area you have :) So snug for a cuppa and a book huh. I should start lounging on my balcony too, but too bad there're no powerpoints! So hung up on my gadgets D<

  4. Haha there is powerpoint at my patio too but I lazy to bring out the lappy out. Maybe when the weather is colder hahaha, now everyday 45-48C! I can only tahan about 20-30minutes outside with TOto, even TOto also cannot tahan too long le!

    But I believe Panpomikan will sure LOVE u to join them at the patio!

  5. Haha my indoor furniture is so much comfier than the outdoor $20 furniture! Mikan can't go because she might fall off the balcony (there is a small gap below where Panpo love to stick their heads grr).

    I'm already thinking about a third 'P'!

  6. @Yve,
    U are right but my sofa is uncomfortable too! Keep thinking our rented apartment is VERY SHORT TERM, unknowingly we here almost 3years already!! I need to submit a requisition form for a new and more comfy sofa!!!

  7. Wow, it's been 3 years? I think I've been here for 3 too... but I've moved like every semester. Our furniture is all purchased 2nd/3rd/whatever hand cuz scared they will damage if we got a furnished apt. You should move to a bigger apartment and get a second dog :P

  8. @Yve
    Hubs very 厉害算 one lor. If keep moving waste alot of $$$. I also wish rent another bigger apartment and hv another westie, but I don't see this happening in another 2-3yrs but I might a chance of moving because hub's office maybe relocating!! Heee keep finger cross!

  9. Moving is a pain but it's also exciting at the same time. Where might you be moving to? Still in US? If you get another dog, will it be another Westie too? Or you gonna get a real Toto (Cairn terrier)?

  10. @Eve, Ya still in USA about 40minutes away from my current place bah. So still within Dallas area! :P

    Haha Cairn did cross our mind, about same or smaller size than TOto! But it will depend on when the time comes bah!! 2 dogs that need to be handstripped, I don't know I can handle or not!!

  11. Have you thought about staying in US permanently? My ideal location is somewhere pet friendly, so I don't think I'd want to live in SG. There are also other factors, but the bottom line is I really can't see myself living there anymore.

    I've also thought about getting another Westie before I got Mikan but I think it'll be too much for us to handle. I might get another dog in future but perhaps a more placid one would be better. Was going crazy with Hachi and Polar fighting all the time. Well, perhaps as they mature they'll stop being so energetic all the time!

  12. My Hub don't want to stay in USA le plus we already commit to a home the last time we went back, maybe in another 20-30yrs we might have a change of heart and then decide again bah!

    Erm if u want a placid ONE pls dont get westie hahahaha. they energy can KILL ME! Hahahaha ...