Sunday, August 14, 2011

How u noe TOto has a good day at Daycamp?

It was a rainy Saturday and we usually bring TOto about for his business before we let him go into the car!
And on rainy days, TOto is VERY CHOOSY and takes a long time sniffing out the 'PERFECT' pooping grass!! ARrrrghhh TOto everywhere you can poop, JUST DO IT ok!
TOto's favourite Camp with alot of FRIENDS he knows!
And the next day this is what happen!!
NO reaction from TOto when we mention, 'Walk walk'!
No reaction even when we hold his leash and collar in his face!
Usually when you accidentally 'touch' his leash, he will JUMP up from nowhere and look at you! And if we hold up his leash, he will start to jump up, and circle around you! Today he just look at Hubs, take a LONG LONG time to stretch and take his OWN SWEET TIME to decide whether he wants to go down!

It is soooooooooo FUNNY!
Hahahaha ~
But we know he had a GREAT day in camp yesterday!!!


  1. look just like me!!! HOw lucky you get to go to camp. See you soon!!!

  2. That reminds me of something. Recently on a forum someone advised me not to let Mikan wear a collar when she's at home in case she gets strangled. Does TOto not wear one for the same reason?

    Wow, I wish Polar was like that! No matter how tired he is, after a good rest he will be raring to go again! Unfortunately I think we won't be taking him to dog parks again - too many uncontrolled dogs there. Maybe we should take him hiking!

  3. @Yve, Erm ya since puppy we are worried because he is always crated so partly is for safety too. But now is just out of habit.

    Usually if go to dogpark or for just a normal walk these wont used up his energy like he goes daycamp. And some days the daycamp also wont deplete his energy like that. Only when the camp has alot of friends that he play with then this will happen. Plus it is a FULL day 4hour in the morning, and 4hour in the afternoon of PLAY le; total 8hrs!! Hahaha sure come back 'peng shan'!

    Now is too hot for 'HIKE' or 'WALK' anywhere, if not usually we bring him 'gai gai' everywhere!! Now waiting for better weather days to come haiz ...

  4. @Hoke,
    Hihihi thanks for visiting!! TOto and you are so far apart, if not you and him can be the best of friends :).

  5. The other evening, after the rain had stopped, I took Maple out on the lawn to potty. She was really choosy about finding just the right spot. It's funny, I never noticed it before until reading your post!

    TOto must really enjoy his doggy daycamp. He's such a social butterfly - I imagine every dogster would want a chance to play with TOto. It's great that he has a fun place to catch up with his pawpals :)

  6. Maple mommy,
    It get worst during winter with the snow! It is so cold and yet he is taking his OWN SWEET time! And both us are shivering in the cold! When he is younger, he doesn't poop when it is raining!! Haha what happen if he goes back to Singapore?