Thursday, August 25, 2011

So angry with humanbeans!

Sometimes I wonder HOW humanbeans think!?
When you have a dog, and you going to have a baby, the first thing you have to do is the READ UP on how to bring the baby back into the house so that your dog can accept the baby as part of the pack. And of course if you know you are going to have kids one day, then since DAY 1 you have to socialised them with kids! You'll be amazed how well TOto does with kids, TOto even allowed a toddler to grab his face and gave TOto a WET SLURPY kiss and after that being PUSH away by the toddler! It was HILARIOUS! TOto gives kiddos alot of leeway!

I believe I read somewhere the dog has to meet the baby and socialised with the baby in a neutral territory before bringing the baby back into the house!

Anyway today's there is a news on a facebook group 'I LOVE my Westie'.

Although I emphatise with the couple but I really DON'T SEE that it is any good news? How do they know that the dog is going to a GOOD HOME when they are so desperate to give the dog away JUST LIKE that and is willing to FLY HIM ANYWHERE just to get rid of the dog. I wish I can take him in, but I cannot.
Another fellow fb posted this :
FREE TO A GOOD HOME: 6 year old child. Genuine reason, I've got a new puppy so no longer have the time for the child. Also worried the child might bite the puppy. Child is currently kept in a crate. Needs home by tomorrow or it'll be put to sleep. Thanks. YOU WOULDN'T DO THIS TO A CHILD SO WHY DO YOU SEE IT AS ACCEPTABLE TO DO IT TO A DOG OR A CAT? If you can't dedicate at least 10 years to a dog/cat, don't get one!! Copy and paste if you agree
And I actually agree with her. If  it is the other way, it is your kid who has hurt your dog would you actually give them away and just FLY them out just like this!? And whose fault it is if you let your child get so close to the dog that they BITE? I know TOto very well, he would rather RUN FAR FAR away then choose to bite you. They only start to bite if they have NO CHOICE, their first instinct is always to RUN!

And yet they have people blindly supporting such decisions and is happy that Aspen is going to a 'FAB' home in TN after like 'advertising' for a few hours . HALLOW I think these people are just brainless. How do they know if these 'Human' are not dogbeaters or going to sell Aspen for a good price? Somehow I just wonder how dedicated some people are ...

It just hurts me to know such a handsome boy is given away just like that, where is the 2.5 years that they spent gone to?

2.5 Years = 913 Days = 21914.55 Hours = 1314873 Minutes

I am just so sad, I want to cry ...
And yes 'HOPEFULLY' he goes to a more deserving family who will treasure him and treats him right.

While writing and reading all the 'unfairness' of the world, my furball is sleeping just beside me! I really cannot imagine giving him away one day. My heart will die ...
I hope I do not have to make such a decision one day ...

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