Monday, October 26, 2015

Its Final, TOtti is CONFIRM

By today our heart is set, he is ours.
We will sign off today for this precious.

And only today we realised why every morning, even though I am bringing him out; he still get very nervous and mark; either where I'm changing or in my bedroom. That's so odd, because there was once I'm already at the door, calling for him; he actually ran into the bedroom and mark. That's so odd. And then the owner explained because every morning that's TOtti delay tactic towards her. So whenever I changed or wants to walk him in the morning; he will thinks that I am going out leaving him alone at home, and he starts to panic. 

Found one of TOto tee, too small for TOto but a tad big for TOtti.

Although TOto don't like the idea of having another brother but he seems to be tolerating TOtti well and is ok with us kissing and giving TOtti attention. But then again, TOtti respect TOto space very well. When TOto snap or growl, TOtti never push his luck and just move away.

Maybe that's why it's working ...
In the evening, we sign and TOtti is finally ours.

Ended the night at another neighbour's place.
He tried to mark, but we watched him like an eagle and managed to correct him. Hopefully he understand that INDOOR = NO MARKING!
TOtti can officially walk unleashed, he is a better unleashed walker as compared to TOto!

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