Friday, February 24, 2012

Peaceful Friday

TOto is all back to his normal self.
  • 8.00am : Morning potty and walk, with Daddeee.
  • 8.30am : Patiently waiting for breakfast and sending off Daddeee to work.
  • 9.00am : Snooze off in the bedroom with mammeee.
  • 1.00pm : Comes out into the livingroom and TOto continues to snooze.
  • 4.30pm : Starts to walk in and out the Balcony hinting to mammeee it's time for 2nd walk.
  • 5.00om : An hour walk around the neighbourhood.
  • 6.00pm : After his wipewipe, waits patiently for dinner.
  • 7.30pm : Daddeee comes home and starts to play.
  • 8.30pm : Starts to rest but will still request to play from time to time...
  • 10.00pm : Last walk or last potty session of the day.
  • 11.30pm : Brush his teeth and he will snuck off to sleep.

TOto only gets excited and wanting to play when Daddeee is home. Usually with just me and TOto, alone at home, TOto is always resting or napping here and there. TOto seldom wants to play with me. Hehehe~ 

Lucky me right!

1 comment:

  1. Awww such a cute photo!
    He looks so peaceful taking his nap:)