Monday, February 6, 2012

TOto's Report : A day in DayCAMP

Today TOto jolted up by the word, "DAYCAMP"!
TOto jumped UP, shake-shake and is all prepare to go BUT mammeee says I have to finish my breakfast before I can go! And then, TOto have to wait for Daddeee washup! Daddeee always VERY slow! Daddeee took his OWN SWEET time to washup and change, rawwwrrr ...
Today TOto see (*)Girlfriend's staff, so happy!
GOsh, TOto sooooooooooo LATE! Party already start without TOto! 

The new daycamp ROCK! They have a MIXED CAMP; BIG dogs and small Dogs play together. TOto happy! TOto loves; Huskies, German Shepards, and Goldendoodle! 

TOto's new best friend is here today!
TOto and Z'ryn wrestle the whole day, TOto am the overall CHAMPION.
Mammeee will be so PROUD of TOto!
Mammeee and Dadddeee came late to fetch me, TOto am always the last to go home.
TOto so hungry but TOto have to be BATH and then sit pretty BEFORE I can eat!
Don't know what Mammeee thinking!
Today is TOto's Happiest day!

*One of TOto's girlfriend staffs from previous Camp was transferred here, and TOto regconised her immediately and gotten used to the camp just because of her. We are lucky because the previous few times we brought TOto, he is so reluctant to go into camp with the staffs in this current Camp.

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  1. It's so cool that they write a report card type of thing! I kinda wished they had something like that at the daycare Kip went to.