Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Daily MORNING walk

Hand in hand, step by step ...
Sniff and pee ...
I love how TOto's shadow always look so SNEAKY!
TOto makes my day a lot healthier ...


  1. His shadow in the last picture kind of looks like a cat!

    1. I always think his back looks like a cat, but sometime his shadow definitely has the cartoon 'Asterix' dog Dogmatix look!

  2. Hehe TOto's tail is a lil curved like Polar's too!

    & gosh, what kind of grass is that! I remember the bleak winters when I lived in Canada!

    1. Haha we call that a LAZY TAIL, it is usually curved unless he SPOT enemy haha!

      WHAT GRASS!!?? Haha I don't 研究 grass leh!
      Woah you stayed in Canada before too! Really well travelled, you study EVERYWHERE huh! Hahaha, USA next huh!?

    2. Haha! I would love to see a video of that!!

      No la I was referring to the colour of the grass. Not that kind of scientist thanks :P Can hardly remember grass that is not green now.

      Nah not planning to go anywhere to study! Stay here and rot :D

    3. Texas always in DROUGHT, if not in the COld will be very dry weather. Very seldom see very green grass since after I come like 3-4yrears ago!
      Unless is newly planted!!