Sunday, February 19, 2012

Barf, barf, barrrrrfphhh ...

The past 4-5days was the scariest days of my life. Yah, I think it is even scarier than when I need to do a bone marrow aspiration! I am so scared it is not just indigestion or food poisoning. I am so worried that he might just leave me in his sleep. It kills me to see TOto shivering, shaking and trembling from all the pain that he has to suffer to induce a vomit. I felt so lost when after all the vomiting he starts to 'whine crying' to me, I felt so helpless. Have you hear your dog 'cry' to you, it is heart-wrenching.

Day 00
It was like any ordinary day, we fetch TOto back from Daycamp. After bathing him, he showed the first sign that he is not his usual self; he refused food and water. 

We guessed either; 1) He didn't has his lunch and only ate at dinner or 2) Petsmart fed him the wrong food and we didn't know how much food was fed that he is so full he didn't eat anything.

I made another guess; OR maybe he hasn't poop thus don't feel hungry. So I walked him for a rather long walk at about 10pm to make sure he pooped. Usually his last walk will be quick pee, and home but tonight I walked him till he poop. After he pooped, he was so relieved there was a skipped in his walk. BUT suddenly he vomited, like at least half a cup of kibbles out. I was so shocked, I have to bring Hub down to the same spot to see. The vomited kibbles we see look very different from the ones we fed him so we are sure he ate something in the evening but we are not sure is that our kibbles.

When TOto reached home again, he vomited AGAIN and continue to vomit for 5-6x in the night.
No matter what happen, he will 'inform' us in his own way to let us know he feels like vomitting and we brought out the pee pad during the night so he doesn't dirty the place.

It was devastating to see TOto shivering and shaking in pain right before each vomit.
I was so sad, but I didn't know what to do and this is the first time I see him suffer like that.
In the night I have to keep waking up to make sure he is still SLEEPING and BREATHING.

Day 01
In the morning when he goes for his walk, he looks ok.
He came back home and  drank some water and ate some biscuits.
But after like an hour or so, he will start to shake and vomit.
And he stays out in the Patio most of the time. 
When he is not feeling well, he is always outside; I guess he is scare of dirtying the place.
Looking at the way he sleeps, you know he felt very uncomfortable and most of the time he slept this way crouch in a circle. He doesn't really wants to vomit in the house and kept whining to go out. It seems like he is more comfortable to vomit outside while walking. When in the house, he almost always shaked/trembled/shivered uncontrollably before a vomit. We are lucky TOto always manage to get our attention before his vomit, and we always get him to either the kitchen floor or pee pad in time.
By nighttime, he still couldn't get any food or water down.
Just water alone, will induced vomiting.
He was so weak, there isn't any need to leashed him.
In the night  about 11.30pm, he kept whining to go out.
We sat downstairs in the COLD for about 45minutes just accompanying him.
Although he was not leashed, he just sat next to me on the grass till he was so tired I carried him home.

When he reached home, he walked directly into the living room's crate.
We see that he is so comfortable, both of us slept in the living for the rest of the night.

Day 02
TOto slept till 12pm, and he looks so much better and ate some biscuits and water.
But an hour late he starts to vomit. I couldn't take it anymore and rush him to emergency.
He got 3 shots and we were sent home with some antibiotics and a USD200.00+ medical bills.
He was given anti-nauseous shot, Hydration and antibiotics shot.
After the Hydration shot, he has this Camel back on his shoulder, so funny!
And a note to bring home.
And by night time we see TOto walking over to his bowl and drank some water!
The USD200.00 picture that we want to see.
And all on his own accord.
This is what I prepare for TOto.
Minced Turkey and porridge, he didn't eat alot but drank some of the porridge; I was relieved.
He hasn't given TUrtle any attention since the day he vomited.
He must be feeling better already.

Day 03
TOto still looks lethargic and refusing food and drink.
He was very choosy only wants to eat his biscuits and treats rather than his own food.
Hmmmmm ...
We decide to bring him to his 'MIRACLE' ground, Lewisville Dog park.

He is reluctant to play with other dogs but he do well walking, running and fetching.
We brought him to a more private area playing fetch.

He was well, doing his running, shaking and rolling on the ground.

We hope that with all these exercise, it will make him REAL HUNGRY!

When we reached home, TOto meet the neighborhood cat.
The cat and TOto is friend now. 
The cat will voluntarily walked over to say hello and starts running luring TOto to play.
He still refuses to eat when he reached home, just drank abit of water.

But awhile later he was doing some chewing!
He hasn't put anything in his mouth for the past few days fearing that he might vomit and we see this we are so HAPPY!

And then he secretly walks over to have some food, just a little bit; like a few mouthful.
After which he plays with his chew chew.
And the another USD200.00 scene we want to see, he FINALY poop.
He hasn't poop since Thursday night; 3nights.
And he finally dare to JUMP up the bed to sleep.
For the past 3-4nights, he has been sleeping in his own crate on his own accord.
I can see that he is feeling so much better but he is still not eating much.
How does a dog survive on a few mouthful each day.

The stone in my chest is still there.
I am worried that he has swallowed some foreign objects which makes his stomach feeling full.

Is it,
  • Indigestion
  • Food allergy
  • Food posioning
  • Ingestion of foreign objects?


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry to see that Toto has been so sick:( You must have been through such a scary time with Toto vomiting and having to go to the ER.

    If I were you, I would make sure to take that picture of that different kibble along with some of Toto's actual kibble and complain to Petsmart. Hopefully they will reimburse the ER fee and find out just why Toto was fed the wrong kibble.

    1. @Kim,
      The picture of the vomit is already the 2nd vomit, and I was so shock I didnt take picture of the first vomit of the undigested kibbles. My hub did go down to petsmart the next day to confront the staffs but of course they will not admit to any wrongdoing. They just mention that TOto might forgo the lunch in the afternoon and only taken the meal in the evening because they did not take note whether TOto took the kibbles in the afternoon. Usually the kibbles will be left in the crate till they clean them out in the evening. Duhz ...

      SO IMPOSSIBLE! If TOto didn't eat in the afternoon and only ate in the evening, it won't caused TOto to VOMIT because no matter what TOto took his breakfast before he goes to camp.

      Either they fed him the wrong kibble in the evening (food allergy) or gave TOto too much kibbles from other dog (Indigestion). I guess we will never know.