Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tornadoes in Texas

A few days ago, there was this Tornado day.
We didn't expect them to be so serious, I actually thought it would just only be a very stormy day. The few years that I am here, we hadn't had any damaging Tornadoes right here in Texas. But this time the worst hit would be in Lancaster, Texas. Alot of pets and their owners are separated, hopefully they can reunite soon.

We were lucky, our area was not affected at all by the Tornadoes, just a passing; Thunderous heavy rain.
But TOto was behaving so funny!
He behaved like a CAT! It seems like he feels safer at HIGHER GROUND. So TOto was actually walking and napping on the TOP of the sofa the whole time watching out for the THUNDER and LIGHTNING. 
In order to make him feel less scared of the thunder, we would make him look out whenever a lighting strike. Daddeee would ask him,'what's there? what's there?'. The curious TOto would look out even if he is so scared hahaahaha ..
But for the whole of next day, TOto dare not step out of into the balcony!

But after the Tornadoes the weather was FANTASTIC, so cooling!


  1. lol Toto looks so adorable sitting on the arm of the sofa! I've never had a thunder/lightning storm while I've had Kip so I'm curious how he would react. Did he come down from the sofa to eat dinner? :P haha

    1. @Kim, The first time TOto experience thunder is in the middle of the night and it was a rather dramatic experience for him. Luckily I was a light sleeper and woke up to see that he was shivering uncontrollably and looking out of the window. It takes a few more thunderstorm to build up his courage to walk out into the patio to hear, feel and look at the thunder and lightning with my husband. But I guess it doesn't eliminate his fear totally but at least he isn't shivering.