Monday, April 30, 2012

I missssssssssssss U

Omg, I miss TOto so much that unknowingly, subconsciously I keep looking at his photographs and videos of TOto in my phone or I subconcioulsy will start flipping through his blog and youtube video! 
I AM GOING CRAZY missing him! 

11 days to go ...

But when I tell my mom, I still have 11 days before I go back to USA. Mom's reaction is 'only' 11 days left?

I guess it is the same mommy's feeling that we both have ...

We missed a number of events this year in May but I know I be spending alot more time with TOto this coming year. At least I know I be spending :

4th July

I usually missed this 2 major event!
I miss you so much my furryboy ...

Yesterday night, I told hubbie I miss TOto so much, and he told me he found something that will definitely brought tears to my eyes when I see it. He found a photobook I made of TOto when he first came into our home. 

"LOOK at that tiny white furry bear-like soft-toy!"
How did he become this white furry monster now, hahaha ~
If he sits on my lap now, you can only see his head ...


  1. Oh my gosh! So cute! TOto looks like a little cotton ball in his younger days. And I like how one of his ears is standing upright while the other one is flopped (lol). He definitely has grown up, but I'm sure he'll forever be a puppy in your eyes. :)

    1. Haha when we collects him, both is ear is standing tall but the drives back I think because of the way I carried him, the ear flops. My hubbie is COMPLAINING so much and we have to tape his ear for 3 days before that stand again hahahaha!

      I always wonder when did he become such a HUGE monster haha!? Where is my tiny furball hahaha ...

  2. Shanice,

    Enjoy your Singapore trip. I am sure Toto misses you and hubby very much too. He looks gorgeous when he was a little puppy :) Can you do a facetime with MrK?

    1. Hi Shanice,
      keke, we are eating and eating and EATING like nonstop! I am so sick of FOOD! MrK is actually quite busy with his work and housechores, so we try not to disturb him. When he is free, he will take photographs of TOto but we trust him to take care of TOto. SEVEN days to go!!