Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photologue of the day - 20100415

... Today ...

In the morning ...
Whenever I prepare Char Siew, TOto will refuse to eat!!!
Hahaha the BBQ Pork smell too GOOD as compare to his kibble.
Eck, no the Char siew is not for you!

In the afternoon ...
Daddeee trimmings TOto's nail.
We are preparing TOto for MrK.
Leaving for Sg this coming weekend
If you notice I just gave TOto a hardcore handstripping session too!

At night ...
TOto is trying to tell us, the room is TOO BRIGHT!
Hahahahaha ducking his head under the pillow to cover his eyes, so funny ...

What a LONG day for TOto!
Going for his annual shots tomorrow ...


  1. Haa...haa... if only Toto could smell and see your chai siew, he will refuse his food forever!
    Jayber is the same, when we have roast chicken, he pretends his food is non existence! He will look at us with his pitiful face and will only goes to eat his food when there are a few shredded of chicken meat on his food. He is quite shameless, he will ask for more by scratching our legs!

    Will Toto be cared for by Uncle K again when you and hubby go on holiday?

    1. @Shanice
      Jayber so good life hahaa get to taste the chicken meat! Usually I let TOto taste it through my lips hahaha and my husband complains we are so disgusting!! TOto will KISS CLEAN my lips hahaha. I sometime secretly gives him some bits in our kisses when Hub is not looking hahahaha!

      Yap, we are so lucky MrK will help us out again!

  2. You make your own char siew? That is impressive! And it really looks good. No wonder TOto wasn't able to focus on his kibbles (lol). TOto looks so co-operative when getting his nails clipped. Wish Maple could do the same for us!

    You and your hubby are making another trip to Singapore... so soon? You might be interested to know that the weather here is a little unusual for this time of the year. It's suppose to be the 'dry' season, but lately we've been getting rain almost every afternoon. No complaints from me, though, because I much prefer cooler weather. But, poor Maple, she doesn't like wet grass! Be sure to pack an umbrella ;)

    1. @Maple momsie, self made Char siew are so much CHEAPER here! The pork are USD2+/lb! So 3lb/1.5kg of Char siew cost us about USD7-8! So CHEAP! If you notice, I have a another personal blog @, which I blog about my kitchen and life!

      That picture is the almost finish version. Usually I HOLD down TOto (wrestling style), and hub trim and grind his nail. And TOto is rather tired that day! Maple would be so much easier to hold down because of her size. Usually after his nail spa, I would have so much scratches on me. Some days he will just let us give him TREAT throughout the session, some days he just doesn't take the treats trick.

      The weather is crazy here too. After is a HOT 30+C and at night only about 16C!