Saturday, April 7, 2012

Out to Mckinney

I wake up to see TOto sleeping so comfortably! 
And it is already 10AM, I think he is one of the rare dog that can NAP till 12pm with us if he is not 'urgent'!
We have to kiss him softly to wake him up ...
Then inform him that we are going out ...
And he has to get prepare!
Our community is having a Easter Celebration ...
TOto has taken his breakfast, changed and is ready but mammeee has forgotten her UV UMBRELLA! So daddeee went home to get them and TOto refused to move ANYWHERE and waited right there because mammeee refused to let TOto run up with daddeee.
Off to Mckinney

2750 Valley Creek Trail

We saw many groups of friends and families BBQing and enjoying the sun and the breeze in the park.
Such a waste they cannot SWIM in the creek right!
Some 'wild' animals we see in the park!
There are alot of pigeons, different types of birds and squirrel too.

Mammeee has to carry TOto's bag, and a huge umbrella!
TOto was so knocked out by the HOT weather!
Our job is done when we have a tired dog!

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