Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One day after TOto's Vaccination!

In the morning, TOto was performing all his usual routine and finished up all his breakfast! So we thought he is doing ok after his vaccinations, and since we are going out for TOto's kibble, we can bring him along ...
When we were home TOto was so tired, he skipped dinner and goes straight to SLEEP!
In the evening, TOto see that I pull my black lounge chair, he came and scratched at my feet.
My interpretation : "Mammeee, scratched me."
Daddeee's interpretation : "He wants to sit on the chair!"

I let TOto has the chair and daddeee was right, TOto jump up the chair right after I walk away. But TOto didn't lie dow, he sat and was looking at me. And when I start to walked near him, he wags his tail and sat straight up. When I was near enough, he was paw-ring and trying to scratched me. Daddeee says," TOto wants you to see with him!"

Indeed, as usual TOto will want to cuddle with me ONLY when he is not feeling well. TOto was so comfortable lying down with me on the black lounge chair, daddeee instructed ME NOT TO MOVE because TOto was sleeping very soundly!
In the room, he went straight to his crate.
But in the middle of the night daddeee hears TOto chewing something outside and realised he was chewing on paper! And his tummy was very LOUD.
TOto must be very uncomfortable and upsetting that he has to try chewing paper to calm his tummy! Mammeee had a bad headache, took painkillers and was sleeping. Daddeee had to wake mammeee up @2am in the morning to force feed 'Famotidine' to TOto! (Yesh, this type of 'bad-guy' stuffs are always done by me!)

Mammeee was sleeping so soundly and doesn't know what happen yesterday night. Daddeee tells me that after 10-15minutes later, TOto starts to eat some of his favorite treats bit by bit. And daddeee manage to coax and handfed TOto into eating some kibbles and some freeze-dried meat patty. After eating, TOto felt much better and was fast asleep after that!

Thank god! 
We made the mistake of bringing him out today right after his vaccinations yesterday! He should have at least rested at home for 2-3 days! 

Luckily TOto didn't get too sick.

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