Wednesday, March 28, 2012

@Celebration Park

We just realized that we have this HUGE gorgeous park which is about 5minutes drive away!!
It was so big we can let TOto walk with us unleashed ...

And TOto indeed walked better unleashed! He just followed us tightly, he still sniffs about but will definitely keep himself near us. He will run ahead and sniffs and when we walked past him, he follows. He was a hit at the park, but of course he seldom allow people near him UNLESS they have a dog biscuit on their hand. And he doesn't run towards children or people playing sports on the field.

We are happy, he didn't embarrassed us!
TOto right beside daddeee and sometimes turns behind to make sure mammeee is following!

With such big empty field, I wonder why are they so many overweight kids around. They should be out and about running in these empty fields. The kiddos here are so lucky!!
We cannot leave without a few round of fetch right.

Look pretty for mammeee TOto!
Such a happy dog today!

And when we say,"TOto ar, hook up ok?"
He happily walked over and let us hook him to go home.

We see ourselves coming here more often.


  1. I wish Kip would stay around me when I let him off leash. He just likes to run off and follow his nose to wherever he pleases. You got some really cute photos! It's cute the way the fur at his ears are:D

    1. TOto used to be a busy butterfly too but now that he is older he seems to tame down alot! And alot more insecure, it's like he understood that he will get left behind if he doesn't follow closely! But we did try to train him while offleash if he walked too far ahead or wander off, we walk off into another direction. I guess this teached him that we might just change direction so he better follow closely...

      But no worries, I believe Kip will start to tame down too, soon~

      arrhh his ears, he needs a trim soon!