Sunday, March 25, 2012

First K9 event at Huffhines Park!

It's SPRING but feels like SUMMER already!
When we arrives we realised it is a small event.
Not alot of vendors around ...
There is a half hour dog show performed by 'Dancing Dogs'.
I am that 'ODD' Chinese asian that carries a umbrella EVERYWHERE!
He is wearing a cute tee that says "PUParazzi"
TOto whining for attention and treats, because he was BORED and HOT.

Then there is a costume parade.
But I find the whole event very disorganized. Nobody knows what everybody is doing and they are just walking BLINDLY under the HOT HOT SUN! In the end, after walking round and round like for about 7-8 round, the organiser suddenly announced only participants in costumes are allowed in the 'PARADE'! 
Love this little cowboy with his tze-zu.
Once I see the 'Avatar' costume, I know they will win for sure.
Luckily we can watched in comfort under the shade of a Ice-cream van.
This puppy goldie refused to walk under the sun!
In the end, after final selection of final 6, these contestant are still asked to WALK!
They might have walked like 10-15rounds already!!!
After everything, we realised there are another compeition in the WALK, which is 'MOST WELL BEHAVED' and these final contestants still need to walked FURTHER!

We cannot stand the heat under the shade anymore and LEFT.
Poor contestants, I wonder what are the 'gifts' that they are fighthing for!?

Very poor organisation of the whole event; very disappointing.

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