Monday, March 5, 2012

TOto loves the slide ...

The first time we brought him on the slide, he was scared and dare not do it by himself. But TOto is very clever, he wants to try and 'request' to slide down with daddeee! TOto scratches daddeee thigh and sat on him and they slide down together. 
And after that he was addicted. 

The next time I brought TOto to the park, he PULL me there and wanted to play the slide but I don't want to do it; he was soooooooooooo dissappointed.


  1. Love the video, happy to know Toto enjoys the slide! He is so keen. haa...haa...

  2. Your Toto is amazing !!!
    Very adorable dog !!!!!!
    Your blog is also wounderful !!!!
    I have a westie too...he is named Matador !
    You can see if you want pics of him in my blog :

  3. How cute!! Too bad the trees were in the way when Toto started running after the skater boi :P