Friday, August 3, 2012

@2.5 years old

I look at TOto and I cannot believe he is 2.5 years old.

I still remember all the mixed feelings about getting a furkid and all the horror stories that we hear about having dogs! We wanted to get a furkid but we hate to have to deal with a rowdy one who cannot control their destructive desire or maybe one who just likes to 'mark' about or even a noisy barky one! I have friends whom have dog in their home, and their home just smelt like a 'Kopitiam' Public toilet! That is the worst fear I have, I am not a clean freak but I don't want my home to smell like URINE!

And TOto exceeds all our expectation and by SO MUCH MORE.
He really, really, REALLY gives us alot of joy and loves, and we wonder ...
"Did he owe us big time his previous lifetime and he has come back this lifetime to payback, or did we owe him 'REAL BIG TIME' in our previous life-time?"

Alot of time, he just have to do something silly and both of us just smile looking at him which explains why a furkid at home reduces so much stress and tension! Serious sometime, he doesn't has to do anything; I just have to look at him sleeping and I break into a smile ...
Daddeee says mammeee am "老黄" because I keep praising TOto saying that he is the best!
But but but, I really cannot help it hahahaha!
I know deep inside, Everyone feels that way about their own furkid ...

The below picture shows, TOto @ about 4-5months old? 
Look at Turtle's size, Turtle's head is almost the size or bigger than TOto's head then ..
Now my only fear is, "What will happen to me when TOto has to leave one day ...."
Can time just goes slower?

"TOto, next life time come back to be mammeee's little boy in any form too ok?"


  1. Yes, I can totally relate to this post! My hubby and I always ask ourselves how did we ever become so lucky to have Lil' Miss Maple. There were lots of hiccups and bumps during the initial settling-in period, which really tested our patience... but we wouldn't have it any other way. And not a minute goes by when Maple isn't the main topic of our conversation! Dogs are truly human's best friend AND more!

    P.s. TOto's puppy photo is adorable and his bum is so irresistable! It's amazing how Turtle is still in such good condition. All of Maple's soft toys get destroyed after < 3 months :'(

    1. @Maple mommy,
      We don't use Turtle as a play or pull toy. Turtle is just for TOto to sleep on, hahaha. We cannot risk hurting TUrtle further but still there is alot of 'Operation' STITCHING on TUrtle. So Turtle is a retired toy, just for TOto to lick, keke ~