Thursday, December 13, 2012


We finaly took the plunge and gotten the 'Infamous' controversial Size 12, Mars Coat King!
It is "rumoured" that Mars Coat king, stripped undercoat and CUT the hard coat, so for the longest time we decide against using Mars Coat king which is either highly recommended by some or highly discouraged because we do not want to cut the hard coat and we want to retain the soft coat ...
Recently we are on this topic again, and a bulb just lighted up.

Maybe we can get the Mars Coat king for area that just doesn't grown hard coat like the skirt, underbelly, feet, and butt area? I usually just trim them and doesn't mess with these area since I cannot really do anything. But I still PULL his soft coat from his neck area using a stripping knife with irritate the hell out of TOto. I guess it must be very uncomfortable to have their soft coat hand stripped.
When the Mars Coat king arrives we are so excited, and both of us 'fight' to try it out.
TOto soft coat is so thick, a simple brush through, 'draws' out so much fur!
These must be 千年老毛!
Now his skirt and butt area is so much thinner and he looks so much skinnier, hahaha!
Now we shall wait and see whether it will 'Hurt' TOto's coat ...

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