Saturday, November 3, 2012

7th Annual Citywide Pet Day @ Owens Spring Creek Farm

*Warning* - Almost 60 photographs!
The seventh annual Citywide Pet Day benefiting the Richardson Animal Shelter was held at Owens Spring Creek Park this year. And this is the first time we are participating the event with TOto! I am very excited because we are finally visiting a FARM with TOto. I hope he does not get fidgety or get too stressed out by the environment likes he usually does!
*Fingers crossed*

When we arrived at about 12.30pm, most of the people are leaving already ...
$1 per pax for Entrance.

TOto see this GIGANTIC horse and he is 'curious'!
He walks abit closer but dare not approached, he is such a COWARD!
And you think he is such a 'TERROR' right?

Can you spot the 2 Scotties?
It was advertised that there are about 60 Vendors and Rescued Organisation setting up tent-age here!

TOto saying Hi, to a Border Collie

*Cheese* You are on CAMERA!

It is a HOT HOT day!
Alot of people are chilling under the shade with their K9 buddies!

A bit disappointed that there isn't more food vendors!
We walked into the petting zoo area.

I wonder why there is always this ONE goat climbing high and looking out of the fences; Goats are creepy!
... and smelly!
The Goat 'baaah' at TOto and you seen TOto jump away so quick; that is so funny!
Look at his CAT-liked stance!
And still trying his luck to look in!

We finally find a shady area for TOto to rest abit and drink some water.

Click Here to see more photographs of daddeee, mammeee and TOto!

This is the Toilet and horse's stable area!
The SUN is shining too fiercely, mammeee has to whip out her UV umbrella!
Pumpkin patch SPOTTED!
*Too close*
One and ONLY good picture of TOto looking at the camera!
Another ONE AND ONLY good photograph of TOto sitting high up on a carriage.
It is really TOO HIGH!
Luckily mammeee got ONE good photograph out of TOto too!

Frisbee's performance!

Look at the Collie jumping HIGH high up for the frisbee!
Daddeee and TOto hiding in the shade!
Guess what is this!?

POm pom area!
They are so cute ...
... so Proud,
... but Poms are too noisy, some of the Poms had barked till they sounds like DOnald Duck!

The blue gadget you see are wheel'leg' for handicapped dogs!
And there is a man who build it for free for these dogs to have a 2nd chance in life ...
The sweet, and generous man who build these wheel'leg' for these handicapped dogs.
3 'Beverly Hills' Chihuahua ...

The farm is just a dog parade for all different kinda of breed!
Blue blue sky, green green grass, so open, so natural!

A group of Volunteers from the different rescued promoting the dogs that are available to be adopted. I wished the westie rescued participated ...
After about an HOUR, TOto has enough and just pulled us OUT!
*TOto are you happy?*
A happy and tired pooch!
Today is a successful day out!

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