Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Mazie's Mission 2nd Annual 48 Hour Pet Adopt-a-Thon

We were here last year to support this event too, but we came @ midnight and the pictures I had was bad so I didn't post up anything. But we had some good photographs this year ...

Love this 'Shadow' photograph of the family!
Another breezy, cold day ~
There is a small dog run near the Adoption event.
We see some families bringing out some of the dogs they are adopting to either bond with them or they are there to observe whether the to-be-adopted dog can 'bond' with the existing dog that they already have. I find that such a great either than just 'finger-point' out the dog you want from a small kennel.

These dogs will be in their most natural state of mind in a open, natural ground.
When we are nearing the event, TOto gets very distressed by all the barkings and all the noise made by a LIVE BAND.
A little girl taking her time, selecting her puppy for Christmas?
A 8yr old Chihuahua napping peacefully, in the midst of all the rowdiness and the crowd!
I really Salute all these Volunteers that helps out with the events for 48hours!
And these few days has been REALLY COLD at night ...

Look at this White Lab, I suspect TOto thinks he looks like that; a Fierce BIG white Lab!
Saw these 2 cute terrier!
They are soooooooooooooo cute, I wonder why no one has spotted them!
@ the end of the event 75 dogs was rescued.
We have to go home only after a short walk, because TOto is very distress with all the noises and barkings made by all the dogs! He is such a useless bum, till now we still cannot understand why the sudden change in temperament when in noisy environment. 

What happen?

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