Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Westie Stripping session!

The weather was good and windy, we had no event to go too so I decide to 'Strip' TOto!

The whole ritual is almost like a strip dancing session because his coat is PLUCKED off layer by layer till the last layer! And surprisingly the whole session took 5hours (2pm -7pm), and you wonder, "TOto has so much fur to be plucked?".

Almost one hour into the handstripping's session, my finger is already swollen badly from the abrasion with the metal piece of the stripping knife, and I had to be bandaged to buffer against further damage!
I had to applaud TOto for his patience, I mean FIVE HOURS!?
It was not a smooth 5 hours, there were some struggles but we managed!
Most of the time, he was either sitting down or lying down for me to handstrip.
I, too have to make do with his odd posture ...
It was only until to the end, he started to whine (very loudly) that we decide to call it a day.
Maybe he is hungry, thirsty and tired!
Look, even though he looks so smart and pretty but he is so grouchy and NO smile!
EVEN his eyes is telling me, "STOP it MAMMEEE, I am TIRED!"~
Gosh, look; he is like my perfect SHOW DOG!
Pat pat to myself for self-learning the art of 'Handstripping'!
Awww he didn't even want to smile one for the camera!
In the end, I have got a tired grouchy pooch.
And for myself, both of my arms, my right wrist and lower part of my muscle of my right arm are in so much pain! It felt like I have rheumatism! Hubba has to plaster me in 3 parts of my hand, if I could I would soak my hand in Salon Pas! The vein in my wrist looks so swollen, they looks like they are popping out of my wrist. There were so much pain in the night, I had to pop 2 painkillers to sleep!

The price I pay for 'Love' for TOto!
I know he is tired but, I 100%  know that he is not traumatized like he is used to when he is send into a grooming salon!

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