Sunday, October 14, 2012

Paws on the Plaza @ One Arts Plaza

One Arts Plaza
1722 Routh Street , Dallas, TX
It will be a 40minutes drive down!
This is how TOto enjoys his car ride, it funny to see how all his fur is 'blown away' ...

I don't think he can 'see' anything with the wind blowing so fiercely!
But he just enjoys the wind in his face ...

We parked some distance away ...
Looking fine before we goes into the event!

The event was small, and with quite a number of different vendors.

TOto still feeling okok~

But TOto starts to panic later into the walk, because there is a LIVE band playing ...
And TOto keeps pulling us away, he just wants to get out of the event!
For some reason, TOto cannot tolerate rowdiness, and live bands anymore.
When he is younger, he loves all the noise, sights and sounds but now he just wants to get away from it all and hides in the car! We wonder why the sudden change?
Is it because he is too used to the quiet lives with just me and dadddeee? 
Oh well, it was a wasted trip.
1.5hours of driving to-fro but we stayed only about 15minutes in the event.

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