Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wonder Pet Expo Dallas

Dallas Market Center
2100 Stemmons Fwy
Dallas, TX 75207
(214) 655-6100

We managed to arrive the Expo at about 1pm, there wasn't alot of people maybe because the area is so much bigger than the last pet expo we went to. It was clean, and smells good too. There wasn't any bad doggy smell! We signed up, and goes right in; easy-peasy.

Performance area
This german shepherd must be thinking,"What the hell is that white doggie doing a baby stroller!???"!
Like, "HUH"!?
A Rowlette school promoting Agility. 
TOto is scared of the mascot!
A chihuahua waiting to be rescued.
A puppy black lab being rescued and *clap clap* by a group of supporters!
TOto goes in for his shot of fame at agility, and he did quite well!
But we hadn't trained him with weaving, but sooooon!

For most of the event he is in the stroller or in MY ARM!
So luckily I INSISTED on bringing the stroller.
Such a scaredy cat!!
And TOto meets Preston from!
He is so tiny, TOto looks huge standing beside him.

Canine massage, $1/minute.

TOto finally SMILE when we reach the CAR!
Useless BUM!

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