Monday, December 23, 2013

Finally CLUB JULY @ Stagmont Road

First see this restaurant quite sometimes ago but the website don't really gives me a good vibes and I keep thinking this is a more western food restaurant than it is a Tze Char style restaurant plus I thought that this will be very CLUB like and it will be very rowdy. (Importance of a restaurant name!) But then 'Whiskey' momsie from FB recommended this place to me which she mention is nearer to me. I researched again and realised it is at YEW TEE, Chua Chu Kang and not YIO CHU KANG that I initially thought it is.

So there we go with my in-laws.
THIS place is like my 'CHILDHOOD'place, OMG.
We always pass by this HUT when we drives into my grandma kampong at Yew tee!!!
USED to be a train station hut ...
It was a small place, and we requested a seat inside and the waiter gladly obliged.
The menu is different and much lesser variety than we see online.
The place is CLEAN!

The outdoor area looks less desirable ...
'Oh' prepare mossie spray if you are mossies magnets.
We orderd their IDONESIA Fish head, and all of us LOVE it.
They use Full cream milk instead of coconut milk and it was so much better.
Ginger onion beef.
Minced Chicken French bean
Sambal Stingray
We saw a few brought their furrykids too and the furrykids are allowed to roam freely if they are not disturbing anymore.

TOto is BORED!
We do not allow him to roam when the family is having dinner, he sits with us like HE IS FAMILY!
AND he has to BEHAVE himself too!

 After dinner, daddeee has a round of pool with grand-daddeee!
There is a doggie pool too.
Minimum parking space, but it's free!

Daddeee went in for a round of dart ...
Minimum spending of 50$ weekday and 100$ weekend allows patrons to go into their airconditioned area for a round of Karaoke!
I went to the same restuarant within the same week with my family; bro and gf and momsie!
Salted egg squid.
Indonesia Fish Head Curry again!
ADDICTIVE, looking at the picture I want to go AGAIN ...
Same ginger onion beef and Sambal Belachan Kangkong.
Highly recommended.

Sunday – Thursday : 1530 till 0100 hrs
Friday/ Saturday & Eve of PH : 1530 till 0300 hrs
Opens Daily
5 Stagmont Ring, Singapore 688241 (Pet café)
T: 6363 3381, F: 6363 3381

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