Monday, December 16, 2013

Backdated Sept 2013, Happy Daze @ Serangoon

Brought TOto to Bishan dog park!
Had some fun running and fetching balls!
After the workout in Bishan Park TOto is shagged out!
About 6+ then reached Serangoon Garden!
Chosen happy daze cafe and thought it looks good but upon arrival told us dogs not allow in the restaurant, we were like WHAT THE $%&**@!!

Lucky the carbonara is GOOD!
Creamy enough but lack the cheezy omph!
Topshell overated at 11.00$
Everyone shared the Pork Knucke, I tried abit okok only!
Chicken chop came last hahaha, they forget her order.
Lucky my carbonara wasn't delayed because I was so HUNGRY, I can eat a COW!
TOto was good and sat the whole session away but struggled abit because of some noise, all in all he did good! Only become fidgety because he want to pee. So WELL BEHAVED because tired out by the Bishan run, hahaha!

The 'area' we are given are 'SMOKING' area and when the crowds gets in, the 2nd hand smoke was unbearable and we are seated at such corner it was FREAKY warm. I guess I won't be going back again!

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