Sunday, December 29, 2013

Backdated : 3 hours midnight PRE-Christmas Stripping!

Christmas party coming soon and I want TOto to be his best!
It was already 11pm but we have no more time, I need daddeee with me to help me out when I handstripped TOto so no choice ...
After about 3 hours!

His fur is still in a mess because he was shaved when he was left in USA for an extended period because we couldn't go back due to Visa issue. But it is getting better ... 
Shaved fur grows out wispy and curly, arrrghhhh!
When TOto hear, Ok finish!; he was so happy for A MOMENT.
TOto,"WHAT need take Photo at 2am!?"
But still he managed another smile and we are off home for a quick bath and blowdry!
This is how I blowdry him that night with his head DUNK in the pillow; too tired to MOVE!
He smells GREAT after that!

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