Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Grandmomsie 58, Orchid Live Seafood @ Sembawang

I call beforehand to make reservations and asked whether can we bring TOto and they allow saying that they will give us a corner table so that TOto won't disturb the rest of the customer. 

I Read online that the Lobster Porridge was their 招牌 ...
Because it was Grandmomsie 58, we ordered the most EX $$$ set!
We were quite dissappointed with the lobster, it doesn't seem FRESH and they were abit 醒! 
The rest of the dishes were ok and not FANTASTIC ...
In the end including drinks we paid about 80$ per pax for sucky food, OVER RATED.
Definitely won't come back for their set ever again but will maybe come back for their normal Tze char? 80$ buckaroo, I can go to Todai and eat until VOMIT! Hahahaha ...
Grandmomsie was happy nonetheless!
AND TOto was very entertained and amused by the crabs!
One of the servers auntie has good words for TOto saying,"What a good boy he is!" TOto was so quiet and he didn't bark or make a nuisance of himself throughout the WHOLE seating. "Proud", hahaha ... Auntie mentioned some dogs are very barky but TOto seems like he is not even here! 

Can bring my furryboy of course I come back for their NORMAL dishes!

No.1 Bah Soon Pah Road
(off Sembawang Road) 
Singapore 769959

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