Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Colourful Xmas Party!

Despite all the negativity we always gets from strangers, I am glad my friends accepted TOto readily and was loved! He is always on the INVITE list and nowadays if I am bringing TOto along, friends understand and will allow me to choose a dog friendly restuarant or cafes to go to.

And today it is a X'mas party by the usual host which I missed out for many many years because of us being oversea and finally I can attend their annual X'mas party!!

TOto is mschan ONLY furrykid LOVE, hahaha!
Can't believe she has dogs phobia right?

MY gift!
X'mas gift packs for the kiddos!

OMG so touchie, TOto has a gift too!
A VERY SOFT towel!
I cannot IMAGINE what he would get, thanks for being so observant.
We always bring out a towel for TOto because he has to wash his dirty paws everywhere he goes!
Hahahaha ~
TOWEL is ultimate SOFT and furry, better than what WE are using ...

Thanks for all the acceptance and love from my friends and family!

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